• Creative Writing (ENGL 274C): 3 Credits

    Fall & Spring Semesters

    Creative Writing is a three-credit course that helps to develop the skills of aspiring poets, novelists and playwrights. Creative Writing is offered by Nyumburu through the English Department to give serious writers an opportunity to exhibit their craft. The course is also listed under AASP 298W.

    Class meets: Tue & Thu 9:30pm - 10:45am, NCC Conference Room

  • Maryland Gospel Choir (MUSC 329E): 1 Credit

    Fall & Spring Semesters

    The Maryland Gospel Choir is normally a 100 voice choir that is noted for its performance of gospel music, spirituals and sacred hymns. The choir was founded in the Summer of 1975 by a group of University of Maryland students. Through the Music Department and by Nyumburu, students participate in the choir for non-credit or for one credit. To date, the choir has produced 3 recordings.

    Class meets: Thu 7:00pm - 10:00pm, School of Music, Room 2201 CSPAC

  • Blues As a Cultural Art form (AASP 298V): 3 Credits

    Fall Semester

    Blues as a Cultural Artform is a three-credit course that is offered by Nyumburu AASP (African American Studies Program), tracing the Blues from its African roots through the Mississippi Delta birth to the present.

    Class meets: Wed, 1:00pm - 3:30pm, NCC Multi Purpose Room

  • Jazz As a Cultural Art form (AASP 298Z): 3 Credits

    Spring Semester

    Jazz as a Cultural Art form is a three-credit course that is offered by Nyumburu through AASP, covering Ragtime to Bebop, Bunk Johnson to Charlie Parker and beyond.

    Class meets: Mon 2:00pm - 4:30pm, NCC Multi Purpose or Conference Room

  • Diversity, Issues, and Academic Strategies for Success (EDCP 108N): 1 Credit

    Fall Semester

    College and Career Advancement is designed to focus on common barriers to academic success for first-year students. Specific topics may focus on the following: Black male student retention, positive attitudes and behaviors that improve academic success, time management, student activism, critical thinking, identifying campus resources, and career exploration.

    Class meets: Mon 10:00am - 11 :00am, NCC Multi Purpose Room or Conference Room